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About Us


Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Bayside Internal Medicine has been providing excellent medical care for adult patients in Hampton Roads since 2001.  Our goal has always been to have our patients enjoy coming to see their doctor.

Bayside Internal Medicine has always been a completely independent medical practice, not affiliated with any hospital system or other medical group. This afforded us the flexibility to practice medicine the way we felt was best, free of the medical administrative “groupthink” that leads to “cookie cutter medicine.” Our practice was otherwise typical, accepting most medical insurances.

In 2015, we transitioned to a membership practice (please see “What is Concierge Medicine?”).  We do not participate with any medical insurances or government health plans such as Medicare and TriCare.  Our revenue comes completely from membership fees paid by our patients.  Those fees cover all services that we provide, from annual physicals to in-house lab services such as strep tests.  There are no additional charges for any service we provide.

Eschewing insurance participation allows us to practice medicine “outside the box.” If we can take care of an issue appropriately by telephone, for example, we do.  We don’t need to drag patients into the office to be paid. Our patients can come in for a visit as often as they need to, and our staff can spend as much time with them as we need to.  No insurance cards.  No copays. At Bayside Internal Medicine, it’s not about the paperwork, it’s about the patient.  It’s all about you.