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Why Choose Bayside Internal Medicine?

At Bayside Internal Medicine, we let nothing stand between you and your doctor. We have opted out of all medical insurances including Medicare. Our only focus is you, the patient. There is no intrusion from medical insurance companies. When you come in for a visit, there are no forms to fill out. We don't ask for your medical insurance card. You don't even have to take your wallet out. We greet you by name and escort you to see the doctor, whose undivided attention you will have for as long as you need.

If your time is important to you, we can help. Same day visits are the norm, and you are seen at your appointed time. For simple problems, we can have you in and out of the office in ten minutes. You don't need to waste an entire morning or afternoon for a doctor visit. And you will see your doctor, not a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner. When appropriate, we can manage some issues by telephone, a furthur time savings for our patients.

Likewise, if your health is important to you, and we hope it is, we've got you covered. Dr. Meyer is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is a seasoned clinician who can ably help you with many everyday health problems. Whether you are dealing with an acute illness or need long term management of a common problem such as hypertension or diabetes, Bayside Internal Medicine will provide you with prompt, thorough, compassionate care.